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We are a dedicated and experienced team in the field of translation and interpretation, passionate about the power of universal communication.

With extensive experience in translating across various languages and domains, we provide superior quality services tailored to your needs.

Whether you need technical, legal or medical translations, or real-time interpretation at important events, we are here to ensure efficient and accurate communication for you.

With LinguaMundi, words are not merely translated, but become bridges between cultures, opening new opportunities and connecting the world.s

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Simple translation

Simple translation is the translation of the document in editable format

Certified translation

Certified translation is the translation carried out by a translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Culture; the translation will include the translator’s certification, stamp, and signature;

Legalized translation

Legalized translation is a translation for which the translator’s signature is legalized by a notary public

Chamber of Notaries/Prefecture/ Court Apostille

Chamber of Notaries/Prefecture/ Court Apostille is the certificate issued by the competent authorities of a signatory state of the Hague Convention, for official documents prepared in that country, which are to be presented in the territory of another signatory state of the Convention

Chamber of Notaries over-legalization

Chamber of Notaries over-legalization is issued for documents to be presented in the territory of another non-Hague Convention signatory state

Ministry of Foreign Affairs over-legalization and Embassy Certification

Ministry of Foreign Affairs over-legalization and Embassy Certification – Following over-legalization by the Chamber of Notaries, the notarial document is to be over-legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the diplomatic mission or consular office in Romania of the state where the document is to be used.




The interpreter translates into/from a foreign language different from that of the speaker, without interrupting them. Depending on complexity and duration, multiple interpreters may be required.


The speaker pauses at certain intervals, allowing the interpreter to perform the translation. Typically, the speaker takes a break after each sentence or phrase.

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Areas of activity:


Diploma theses, dissertations, studies, articles, etc.


books, manuscripts, etc.


discharge summary, evaluations, etc.


decisions, powers of attorney, contracts, legal actions, etc.


technical manuals, specifications, vehicle documents, IT, etc.


banking contracts, statements of account, balance sheets, leasing, etc.


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